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Do Not Disturb !

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At 10:19pm on July 29, 2011, SockMonkey said…

Ha Ha - I love your post to 'Twatter' asking if they made twatter - cos I'm assuming you want to complain about me...


You fucking stupid cunt - you're losing me now.


Go to the bottom right & see the link 'report an issue' - but remember - this is an ANTI SOCIAL site - with the word 'TWAT' in it's title - in fact your gay bullshit is more likely to be classed as offensive than my musings.


Now cos you pissed me off I'm going to come to Surabaya & rape your sister - then I want you to tell her why it happened ... before I smash a brick in her face & take a scalpel to your achilles tendons.

At 10:13pm on July 29, 2011, SockMonkey said…

Did you just post something to my profile then delete it?




Now you're just not making any sense - first you change your name cos I say DUNG = SHIT ( and it does!) - now you're posting what looks like abuse then deleting it!


Come on Baby - give me what I deserve!!


BTW - Danielle could really help you - she's doing wonders for me - one day me & you could even be friends with her help! How fucking crazy would that be??!! We would joke & laugh about Monkey Dung & shit like that - ha ha - geddit?? SHIT = DUNG = YOUR FUCKING STUPID NAME! CUNT!

At 10:00pm on July 29, 2011, SockMonkey said…

Sooo .... am I to understand that 'BEEGOOO' means 'CUNT'?


Please post your shit just once - you're messing up my page you fucking beegooo :-)


See what I did there?


Your beegooo smells of dung - you stinky fucking slut.


I bet you suck your dad's cock & have a tsunami of cum on your face!!


See what I did there too? I'm on a fucking roll - looks like you bring the best out of me you fucking DUNG FACED CUNT!

At 9:45pm on July 29, 2011, SockMonkey said…

Well I'm fucked if I know what you just typed & I'm tired of sticking your fucking Indo babble into a translator ... but I get the feeling you're not happy.


Can you please just tell me which word you typed means CUNT?



At 9:00pm on July 29, 2011, SockMonkey said…

HA HA You fucking sell out bend over cunt - you changed your fucking name cos I said DUNG = SHIT!!


I wouldve respected you more if you'd kept the name.


What a disappointment you must be to your parents - after all the sacrifices they made - you're the result! Fucking Hell!

At 10:33pm on July 28, 2011, SockMonkey said…
fuck off somewhere else

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