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Sexual slang

» Bencong, Banci, Binan, Bences - Transvestite, Cross Dresser, feminine male, sometimes says to a coward person
» Wadam (Wanita Adam), Waria (Wanita Pria) - shemale with dominant masculine look. Wanita = female, Adam = male, Pria = male.
» Hombreng, Homo, Homodimuko (originally means 'gay face'), Homsex - Gay
» Biji - Testicles
» Kontol, To'ol, Batang, Burung (=bird), Peli, Peler, Kacuk, Zakar - Penis
» Titit - childish term of "kontol"
» Jembut, Gambris - Pubic hair
» Lines, Les Biola (originally means 'violin course'), Lesbong, Lesbi - Lesbian
» Memek, Puki, Pepek - Vagina
» Ngentot, Ngewe, Ngehe, To'i, Kenthu, Ngencuk, Martole - fornication, Fuck (also a swear word)
» Coli, Cokil - Masturbation. Originated from a combination of ngocok and peli. Literally means 'shaking the penis'
» Tete, Toket, - Breast
» Kulup - uncircumcized male person, lit. means "preputium"
» Biji Peler - Testicles
» Ngocok - masturbation (for men), literally means "shaking"
» Sepong - oral sex, a woman do fellatio to a man, literally means 'sucking'
» Karaoke - same as "sepong", refers to the similarity of a woman singing with a microphone
» Njilat - oral sex, a man do cunnilingus, literally means 'licking'
» Itil, Kelentit - clitoris
» Palkon (kepala kontol) - dickhead, or the top (headpart) of the penis.
» Putol (pucuk kontol) - same as Palkon
» Onani, Masturbasi, Ngloco - masturbation (self service)
» Puting, Pentil - breast nipple, lit. means 'nipple' in any form.
» Ngaceng - penis erection, lit. means 'pointing up'
» Ngecrit, Ngecrut, Ngecret, Ngecrot, Muncrat - male cum shot, lit. means 'squirting'
» Pantat - very rude term of 'the bottom part', buttock.
» Memantat - doing anal sex
» Oom Senang - Gigolo, lit. means "happy uncle"
» Tante Girang - a woman who likes to having sex with younger man, lit. means "happy auntie"
» ABG (Anak Baru Gede) - teenagers, usually says to a person between 12 and less than 17 years old

Swear words

» Anjing, Jing, Asu, Kirik - Bitch. Literally means dog, and it is often used as an interjection.
» Kampret - Jerk, literally means bats.
» Ngentot, ngewe - Fuck
» Cibai - Vagina
» Tai - Shit, lit. means 'faeces'
» Lonte, Perek, Pelacur, Jablay, Cabo - Prostitutes
» Bangsat - means Damn in a harsh way, literally means bed bugs
» Bego, Goblok, Tolol - stupid, usually says to a person who perform an idiotic way
» Berengsek - you suck! or 'scumb you are!', also "damn it"
» Sialan - damn it
» Monyet Luh, Bedes Kon - you're a monkey.
» Isep kontol gua - suck my dick
» Cukimai, pukimak, bujang inam - motherfucker
» Babi, Genjik - pig
» Gila, Sinting, Edan, Gemblung - nuts, insane, lit. means 'an unhealthy mental person'
» Setan - damn it, lit. means "devil"
» Jancok - Same as fuck (not a sexual matter)

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Comment by SockMonkey on December 11, 2010 at 1:46pm

You missed one ...


Tsunami - Indo Killer, celebrated method of cunt population control & God's way of saying 'sorry I made a mistake creating these cunts' to the rest of the world

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