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What's your favorite ball type?

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Been known to on occasion.
My wife loves chewing on my large chewy testicles ..she chews my sack like chewing gum and bites hard on my testicles .once she bit so hard my left testicle burst into three pieces but it was fantastic ..
I remember when we first got married her using a zippo lighter on my balls as she fellated me .. She'd suck me gently as she roasted my nuts with the lighter before putting both testicles on an anvil and smashing them with a good quality blacksmiths hammer .,personally I wasn't too keen at first but she seemed to thoroughly enjoy it ,,fingering her arse as she did so and of course it always ended in laughter and a Cleveland steamer
I had a similar experience Hugh except mine were taken by the hang mans noose after loosing a tense game of bookaroo she said she wanted to play cluedo but I didn't want colonel mustard battering em with the candle stick
My favorite ball type is filled with microwaves. The tingling sensation of the fleshy cancer sack upon my lips just makes me feel overcome with joy. I writhe in ecstacy as my man seems as though he's ejaculating, but can't push the slightest bit of dust from his hollow swiffer brush.
I love munching and suckling on some sweaty barbed wire grizzled low hangers myself.
I like pussy

I  wouldn't mind poking and squishing them like chicken skin but it didn't require your participation and I prefer it that way

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