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What annoys you? I tell you what fucking annoys me:

1) Hippies

2) Jews

3) Blacks

4) English

5) Yanks

6) Faulty C4

7) people who don't approve

8) sunshine

9) logic

10) people


12) roads

13) everything else

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Gentiles with Erectiles 

ah bless jew slayer your just a pussytwat

from a real Yorkshire twat

oh buy the way burn those Lancashire cunts at the stake

y r a

Anal tearing ruins a great fuck up the shitter.Genital warts when they break off are bad news.Syphilus sores and the nasty psycosis you get from long term infection. Herpies is a joy and so is clymidia,uthrithitus,PID and piles but give hydra seals a miss. As a rule try to use an anti bactirial wash on any body part your intent to suck,lick,insert or penatrate and use a mouthwash after oral. Of course if your crossing species theres some extra care needed to prevent parasites and viral infection not to forget physical damage from excessive size and frequency.Mary Tonk. Wash carefully before and after horsey fun times.We don't want you copping a dose of Hendra with that gigantic gee gees'Glans at full roar. Aye!

when i sit down with a boner and it jabs me under the chin 

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