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finest quality RAPING TROUSERS FOR THE RAPIST WHO KNOWS WHAT HE WANTS..2 knife pockets,rope hooks,balaclava pocket €29-99

only €29-99

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I've just got a new delivery of these fantastic raping trousers and each comes with its own balaclava and arse dilldo (XXXL) petrol driven 250cc




i like arse

stick your finga up me arse

I think you should also sell the fantastic tartan taping kilt and sporran Hugh ...extra long of course for your humungous cock and very dangly balls

While raping trousers are a good incentive for the beginning rapist, I still prefer to do it wearing only a red clown nose. Oh and sometimes a big rainbow coloured wig, when I'm feeling a bit fruity.

Having a dildo as part of the kit is a very convenient thing for me as you see I am a lesbian rapist. 

What size ..I've got an enormous collection of dildos both for the quim and the colon ..some are double Enders ...the best lesbian rapists sit on the victims face and wiggle about as the lick and chew the victims quim ..great way to keep them quiet

You are right my dear. I often do this with my victims. Most of the time I enjoy sitting on their face so they may feast and choke on my over sized meat hangers. They do not like this of course, but seriously I could give a fuck how they feel about it. It's all in good rape fun.

Lesbian rape? Bitch, please. That stuff is aka foreplay.

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