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So, today I went to go see the Avengers with NegroNazi, and I got bored halfway through. And, you know, there's no one around, so I start jerkin' off.

When I first whipped it out, that shit fell on the floor, and the whole building shook. So a bunch of employees come in to see what's going on. They see my cock, and they fall to their KNEES it's so beautiful.

A bunch of the employees start trying to suck it. Now, that's okay for the girls, but not the males. And I am disgusted by heir display of homo-eroticism.

I take my sac, and I beat them over the head with them.

Anyways, I had to drag my hard-on through the city, and take it back to my house so I can hide from the authorities .

I can't get rid of my boner.

Any suggestions ?

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