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Common Causes of Thinning Hair Or Baldness

Regrow Hair Protocol

There are several contributing factors to baldness and they include genetic, hormones, medications, poor nutrition and stress. Irrespective of the cause, there are proven natural products that are effective at preventing hair loss; however, you need to know the ingredients to look for in order to find.

A brand that really works.The male pattern baldness gene has yet to be identified, although researchers have identified some genes that play a role in hair loss in humans, it is not known if they are the ones responsible for androgenic alopecia. Humans are not the only mammals to lose hair at the top of the head, but it probably bothers us more than it bothers other animals.

Male pattern baldness differs from the age-related alopecia seen in women in several ways. In men, the patter of hair loss begins above both temples and can progress to total baldness. The hair on the crown of the head becomes thin, as well.Male baldness is very common, affecting millions of men in the US alone. The US industry revolving around treating hair loss is worth many millions of dollars.

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