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Have you ever had a girl stand over you, telling you she is so horny, describing how her pussy feels to you as she tries to hold in her well needed piss.  It is a very pleasurable experience for alot of men and woman, standing there my legs wide open, my fuck shoes on and a pretty lil tight top that is a bit see through and white, a tight black thong, my hair swaying just touching my boobs making you ache to see more.

As i am stroking my swollen clit, my nipples starting to get incredibly hard, a not so innocent looking girl now looking down at you rubbing herself and towering over you as she squeezes her pussy, now grabbing tight, cupping my fingers so i can hold onto my swollen, horny, tight pussy.  I want to get you so aroused and teased by my need to pee all over you.  

Giving me the biggest rush, i am in heaven and feeling like i am going to cum so hard as i pee all over your dirty, excited looking expression.   Your cock bolt upright and now hugely and intensly focusing on my curves, my sweet pussy in that tight thong, i am ready to burst a great load of my golden pee all over you as you, your groaning out loud and wanking so hard and furiously and i am letting it all squirt out as i am pulling on my clit and rubbing until i orgasm right there on top of you, then falling to my knees you turn me around start to piss all over my curvy back and ass, spraying it all over me getting even my top and thong soaked.  I am so covered in piss i, i love being a little dirty bitch!

You order me to rub it all in, stripping off and outta my naughty undies for you to have later on, i start to rub my tits together pulling on my nipples and rubbing myself all over.  Getting you ready to explode all over me, making me drenched in a pretty necklace of pearl vanilla dropslets, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm oh how i love your yummy milkshake and tasty hot piss!


Mia x

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