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Who let that rag-head Taliban Cunt lose on this Website?

Well I'm terribly sorry if I offended the ethnic minority on this site, but I've been busy kicking the shit out of Taliban terrorists.

I turn my back for A couple of weeks & this fucker slips past immigration and highjacks TWATTER.

    What fuck'in container ship did this one climb off of ?

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In the same fucking container which brings in the pure smack from Afgackistan Corporal Cockfinger!.............maybe it wouldn't seem as offensive to the followers of such a fucking ludicrous and barbaric ideology if you stopped playing with your joystick and didn't play stupid cunts of video games depicting an unwinnable imperialistic war on secularism (just ask the rooskies) which has only served to radicalise the easily led and being a relentless recruiting coup for the likes of this cunts assumed character and the towlie-heads etc! The last time you were on you were supposed to be a music producer or some such

That smelly donkey dick holster Al Zawahiri was fucked out of Towlie's band because he was an infidel shite-pilot with bad Aids!.................Now he runs our Al-IKEA'da franchise and grooms all the suicide bummers for bum-bum martyrdom in his flat-pack spunk bunker cave in Afskagistan............since the glorious passing of Sheihk-n-Beik Kocktard Obama (sandels in the) Bin Laden!

Careful, Alan is one of "them"...

Latest scoop, Barry O'Bummer has seized Tree 'Boon Mawtain's gold grilles,

deemed good Juju for our future Hidden Imam, Caliph Barry Husseini.

Gangland Barry before his cosmetic surgery...a neat way to dodge a 100 years to life sentence!

"Dope sell itself"...indeed...a typical piece of wisdom from da 'Bama!

ALLLAH ACKBARRRRRR woowo woowowo wowowoowow owoowowowoow ahahahhahwhehehehehehehehhe (poof) but in all seriousness i will kill you all and your entire families boom boom motherfuckers

Oooops, looks like i stepped in some shiite! Again!

suck it

ali akFart

i once stuck my Cock in a Muslim's Shitter

Water Boarding is sexual foreplay 

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