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I'm selling my panties, if you are interested write me to

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Id love to shit in your mouth

How much?

Yeah how much and how soiled ..hopefully no big skid marks all down the back .., skid marks are fine for some but I'd be making soup out them and prefer it less tangy these days
Dan I reckon you'd shit in anyone's mouth you filthy little cunt ..I heard you can give it but can't take it ... I'd love to watch you drink my diarrhoea through a drinking straw you little Down syndrome disco dancing fuckfaced cunt how's the girlfiend ..still taking it right up the arse I hope ..she's an awfy lassie
Do you do discharge laden ones full of congealed blood and reeking of piss and shit ... The ones I've got are toxic and I'm looking for a new look ...I pole dance for midgets and farmyard animals ..

fuckin yum! where are you.. i'll buy them but I wanna take them off with my teeth

Willing to trade for my boxers?

Only if  you get your momma to wear them, you have to finger her yourself and make her cum then we'll make a deal.

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